Traveling with your pet

You may want to take your dog with you for your next road trip or vacation. Here are some things to get done before heading out on the open road.

Visit the Vet

Taking your pet for a checkup is a form of early detection should anything be the matter with the canine. Confirm their vacations are up to date and let the specialist know you intend to travel. Even if you haven’t entirely settled on a destination yet, let them know your preference to that they may recommend remedies should anything occur. Consider having a microchip inserted should you and your furry buddy get separated during the trip. It would be your best chance for locating them should they suddenly prefer the wild to domestic life. Remember to carry the vaccination certificate and soft copies of its medical records.

Plan the trip

There are resources online that can help you find pet-friendly campgrounds, hotel, restaurant, beaches and parks along your route. Noting the paces in advance saves you the hustle of trying to figure out where you can and can’t go with your pet. Where you can, call and make reservations in advance. For added peace of mind, get a general idea or a list of services you may require such as a vet, a supply store or daycare facility. For the most part road trips are unpredictable, so it’s better to be prepared, including contacting a provider like Diamond and Diamond.

Whether you’re taking your car with you or an RV, make sure a mechanic has given it thumbs up and declared it fit to travel long distance without a problem. Also, confirm there’s a secured carrier or a car safety harness for your pet in case of an accident. You also don’t want them dashing our chasing rodents in unfamiliar territory.

Pack for Your Pet

It may be tempting to carry all your pet’s needs, but with limited storage space- you are carrying your gear after all- you’ll have only to take the essential. Carry food and treats enough for the entire trip because you’re not assured you’ll get the right brand on the way. The rest include but not limited to: seat covers, an old towel, insect repellent and sunscreen, toys, portable bowls for food and water, a can opener, medication, supplements, first aid kit, a litter and a disposable litter box if you have a cat, waste bags, paper towels, carpet cleaner, a bed and an extra leash.

Enjoy the trip

During this trip, you’ll find that pets are quite adaptable. Get ready to make memories you’re sure to remember for the rest of your life.



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