Everyone hates seeing their car being taken by a towing company, but when you look at the other side, they are doing a very important job that makes our search for free space much easier. Of the road, when we have no one to help us, they are the light at the end of a tunnel. So, before you think about something bad when they take your car, think about how many times they saved someone.

One thing you don’t think when something is already bad is that it can get worse. This usually happens when drivers are careless and don’t think about details that can go wrong. There are some things you need to know when getting towed, so your car won’t get damaged more. Towing Titans can inform you more about what you need to look out for when you are being towed.

Take photos

There are a few reasons why taking photos before being towed is very important. The first, you will want the photos because will need to provide them to the insurance company after being in an accident. By doing that, you can show that the damage did not happen after the date of your request. You also want to defend yourself from dishonest mechanics.

It isn’t anything new that some mechanics will repair a part that wasn’t even damaged in the accident and ask you to pay for that. Without a precise inspection and detailed evidence, you can’t prove that that was damaged. So, you need to make sure you took a couple of photos before towing company takes your car.

Emergency brake

What usually happens to drivers when being towed is to leave on the emergency brake, towing company won’t do your job and check what you forgot to do before being towed, so if you leave the brake on there can be some expensive consequences. Cars or trucks with an automatic transition could be towed securely to the company if the non-driving wheels are ones on the ground.

Vehicles with a manual transmission could be towed on any wheels. When a truck with flatbed comes to tow your vehicle, you don’t need to think about the brakes, still, the emergency brakes should be off because they need to take your car on the flatbed and then you can use them or not because they will take care of it. Read more on this page.

Experienced people

If you are being towed the first time or had problems with towing companies before, the best way the job can be done is to simply call the best towing company you can find. A lot of things can be seen in the round, so you will surely want to get well-experienced people to take care of your car, towing can also be dangerous because of the big load they are carrying.

You will also want an agency that handles your vehicle with care while towing, listing, and unloading. A great towing agency is also going to make sure that you took all the proper precautions before they lift your car. You should always keep a phone number of a towing agency by your side because you never know what can happen on the road.

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Check the windows

Many drivers don’t think much about it, but when you are being towed you should always roll up the windows. Weather is variable and the worse think after the accident you had is to find out that your car is filled with water when you pick it up. Additionally, any debris and dust that that is on the back of the tow truck can harm your interior when it enters your vehicle through the window. By only rolling up the windows, you can bypass having to have your vehicle’s interior repaired, detailed, or maybe, replaced.

There are some people that work for towing companies that know what can happen in a certain situation and they will advise you about it. But, it is always better to know in advance. They are simple to check and they can save you a lot of money. It doesn’t happen always that you destroy your car more when getting towed, but safety is in the first place, so it doesn’t hurt to check things twice.