NV4500, or New Venture Gear 4500 as is the transmission’s full name, is a manual transmission manufactured since 1992 as a result of GM+Chrysler collaboration.

The transmission has been acknowledged as a reliable option for many car makes and enjoys a wide popularity with both drivers and mechanics. It’s easy to install and check, runs hundreds of thousands of miles without any issues, and offers great driving experience.

The transmission is made of cast iron with aluminum top cover. It is gross vehicle weight rated at 15K lbs and its’ max engine torque is 460. The transmission is really a universal product combining both a high-momentum 5th gear (0.73 ratio) and the turtle-slow but powerful first gear (5.61 ratio).

The NV4500 transmission uses about 1 gallon of synthetic motor oil for lubrication and is easy to service.

These are the car brands that often use the NV4500 transmission:

  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Jeep
  • General Motors
  • Dodge

The list is not complete, since the NV4500 is often used with other car brands via adaptors available commercially. Listed above, however, are the “native” brands that use the transmission by default as a #1 spare part.

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If you are renovating an SUV or even a muscle car (e.g. Ford Mustang) from any of the above brands, consider looking for a NV4500 transmission on sale to give your vehicle a proper upgrade. Even if you are used to driving a 6-speed stick consider giving NV4500 a shot – you may love it just as much.

There are many places online that sell the NV4500 transmission, and you might get a better deal if you give several companies a call. Compare their quotes and ask to match price, and you are very likely to save.

NV4500 is not the kind of transmission that won’t cost you a fortune (clue … it does). However, it will drastically improve your driving experience. Nothing compares replacing a worn-out transmission with a new one and going for a ride – your car gets a new breath. Most drivers who upgrade their transmission to a brand new NV4500 are reporting a sense of relief and reassurance.

Buyer beware

If you are shopping online to get the NV4500 for cheap – make sure you pay attention to the seller’s terms. A certain warranty must be included – either a mileage one or a time period one. You could also purchase additional warranty and avoid the headache of repairing the NV4500 at your own expense if it turns out to be problematic.