drunk driving in Florida

There are many cases of criminal offenses in and around the world. One of the most punishable offenses in Florida is considered to be drunk driving. There are many penalties that come in the forefront when a person is found drunk driving in Florida. The highest penalty can be the suspension of the license and also for a given period of time in prison. Drinking and driving are not at all supported and if you are found driving when drunk, then it is imperative that you seek help at your earliest. DUI attorney in Orlando Florida comes at your service at that moment of time. There are many law firms which specialize in the field of saving a person in case of drunk driving. These experienced leaders help you in all ways possible.

There should be a protection of rights in case of drunk driving. These lawyers have full knowledge of their work and they can work in a proper manner. All the offenses related to traffic can be solved with these lawyers. Whenever you are facing any such problem, then you can get these lawyers just a call away.

Understanding the rules of Florida in case of drunk driving

Drunk driving is quite an offense in Florida and strict actions are taken in this case. The penalties range in the variety of amounts and you should have knowledge of all of these fines and penalties. The amounts are listed as under:

  1. In case a person commits this crime for just 1 time, then he has to pay a penalty of $500 with imprisonment of 6 months and suspension of license till 6 months.
  2. If a person commits the case of drunk driving for 2 times, then he has to pay an amount of $1000 as a penalty with suspension of license for 12 months. In addition, he is given jail for 9 months.
  3. A person is given 3 chances and for the third time, the penalty amount is $2,500 with imprisonment of 12 months with service of a community for 50 hours. Apart from that, the driver has to give up his license for 5 years.

For the first offense, imprisonment can be mandatory but from the second time, even imprisonment is made compulsory. DUI Attorney in Orlando Florida has to be compelled for 10-day prison in case of 5 years’ period.

A duty of lawyers when facing such a problem

The first punishment, in this case, is the suspension of the license. But, the lawyers can help prevent this and can help you keep your license even during the trial period. They provide valid shreds of evidence to the authority officers so that the drivers can be saved. In that case, a request should be submitted to administrative authority for review of the license. The defense attorneys should be consulted in this case.

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