Protect Your Kids From Insect Bites on trip

It is fun to plan a camping trip that includes the entire family, even the younger kids. Spending time with nature is good for the kids because they can unplug and get away from the city once in a while. It is also a good time for parents to relax and unwind. As a parent, the job is never really done, even when on vacation. Parents are still responsible for taking care of their kids, even when they are supposed to be “relaxing”.

Be extra ready to protect your kids from nasty and annoying bug bites during your camping trip. Here’s what you should do:

1. A Safe Bug-Free Place 

Create a space where kids can stay without fearing the bites of a mosquito or tick. Bring the always handy camping swags and turn this into a pseudo mosquito net for the tykes. The swag is big enough for them to play inside, but it can also be kept bug free by closing the flaps. It makes a nice hideout for the kids while mom and dad prepare their meals.

2. Mosquito Repellant Is Not Optional 

Adults may opt out of using mosquito repellent during the camping trip (why though?), but kids should never venture into the great outdoors without this simple protection. Kids are more susceptible to mosquito bites because their reflexes aren’t as quick to kill the buzzing mosquito before they bite. It is the most basic thing to do to protect children against nasty mosquito bites during the trip.

3. Dress Them Appropriately 

While camping there are two notorious bugs to protect kids from: mosquitoes and ticks. To help lessen their chances of being targets dress your kids for the outdoors. Long-sleeves and pants with the cuffs closing on their ankles will prevent ticks from climbing up their legs and hiding from sight. They should always wear closed shoes to protect their feet and toes from bugs as well.

4. Regularly Check For Bug Bites 

Sometimes there is no stopping the bugs from crawling or worse, taking a bite on the kids. To decrease the chances of this happening, make it a point to check your children for any signs of a bug bite or even just a creepy crawly on their body. Do this regularly and turn it into a habit so you can quickly detect if there is anything amiss.

5. Light Insect Repellent Candles Or Incense 

Ward away the mosquitoes and other bugs from entering your camping swags by lighting a few insect repelling candles or incense around the area. There are camping accessories made specifically for repelling bugs, these are worth it investments when you have children joining the camping trip.

It can be hard to monitor your children 24/7 for bug bites so teach them to be responsible. Educate them about harmful bugs and insects and to call your attention immediately if they are bitten. The sooner they learn how to check themselves for bites, the sooner you can all enjoy the trip as a family.

Outdoor adventures should not automatically mean you’re going home with insect bites. Protect yourselves and your kids and stay in camping swags. Check out what we have at 4WD Supacentre today!