So, you have owned a car which is not giving its best service. Why so?

Because it has been ages since you’ve purchased it. What to do with your car now that it’s utilitarian value isn’t as much? Recycle it!

Car recycling is in itself a very new kind of idea which is fast gaining popularity. It refers to the dismantling of the spare parts of the car which is no longer in use. In Perth, Western Metal Recycling does this work with sincerity, and we have experts for successfully dedicated to the work.

So the question arises – why recycle your vehicle? Here are discussed a number of reasons why you should go for this; read on!

  1. For a Greener, Cleaner Environment – Well, most of us tend to do away with our old cars by simply disposing them off, which then end up in the landfills, and in other dumping grounds. What does this lead to? Pollution. By recycling, however, the steel parts of the recycled cars can be reused for more purposes, and they will also be less polluting in nature.

The batteries of the cars are also recyclable, as they can be used again and again to make new batteries. Dumping the old batteries in the open causes the lead and sulphur in them to leak, leading to increased pollution. Hence, recycle your outdated auto for a better and fresher future.

There also exist hazardous chemicals in the parts of a car, which with time, tend to become more destructive in nature. Most of our cars have air conditioning facilities these days. The gases that these emit are also harmful to a great extent. Recycling cars reduces the effects, and is absolutely necessary in today’s world.

  1. Monetary Benefits – Well, you may decide to keep your dear car with you till it crashes down. Later, when you cannot drive the car any more, and neither can you use it for any other purpose, you might think of the option of selling it off to a second hand dealer. Most of us have a certain emotional attachment with our cars, and for this reason find it difficult to part with it in any case. However, before selling off your dear car to a second hand dealer at very low costs, try considering selling it off to Western Metal Recycling. We offer the best price according to the condition of the vehicle; and what’s better? We pay it on spot; also we pay cash for old car batteries!

If the condition of your car is in a condition good enough, and if you are ready with your documents, we are willing to pay you up to $10,000 in cash. Sounds lucrative, right? Also, free pick up service is available 24/7, and our experts are always ready to receive your call. We believe in the saying, “Honesty is the best policy”.

  1. Since it is No Longer Useful to You – You might have owned your car for a very long time now, and wish to get a new model. However, you can neither find a buyer who is willing to buy your car, nor can you find a way of doing away with it. Sounds like a scary dilemma, right? Well, you might just contribute to the well-being of the environment and at the same time, and at the same time earn some money by selling your car off at the right place – to a vehicle recycling unit. This will not only make good use of your auto-mobile, but will also pay you the necessary sum of money. At Western Metal Recycling Perth, we ensure that you get the best price and the best services for anytime you need in Perth.

So, these are the various reasons why it is absolutely necessary for you to recycle, de-mantle your car and thus put it to good use. While it is absolutely your decision that matters in this case, the above reasons deserve a thought, be it your personal car, your truck, or other kind of vehicle. Always opt for recycle as it is our path to a better pollution-free tomorrow and whenever, you can, reuse! Call us now 0415 227 955.