We all love to see our small local businesses, as they offer a personalised service that you don’t see with a franchise or chain. The business owner knows you on a personal level, and if you would like to see family run business flourish in your area, use them as much as possible.

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Time Served Mechanics

You don’t want just anybody to work on your car, and the mechanic garage in Swindon would only hire time served tradesmen, who are qualified to carry out all aspects of vehicle maintenance. The level of personal service is something that is under threat of extinction, which is why we should always support our locally run family businesses.

Other Benefits

Using a local family car repair garage brings with it the following benefits:

  1. Personal Service with a Smile – It makes a difference knowing the customer.
  2. Honesty and Integrity – Your local garage is not going to try to get you to spend any more than is necessary.
  3. Genuine Parts –A family run business would never tarnish their good name by using inferior components.

    By using your local garage, you can call them at any time, knowing they will be happy to respond, and the chances are, your local garage would have a loan car for you to borrow while your car is being worked on.

    If you would like to find this type of family business where you live, use an online business directory, where you can find details of every local business, and by using their services, you are helping family businesses to survive.