You’ve probably heard about auto wrecking companies that are sprawling the Brisbane market these days. While all the talks about how it makes your life convenient and stress-free and advertisements about top-cash payment are true and all, it’s also true that it’s very easy to get deceived. More and more cases about people getting stuck in contracts that took advantage of them or having to sell their car at a price far below the actual value have been coming up and we feel that people need to be aware of these concerning matters when they gear-up to sell their cars.

Thus, it is vital to do your research so that you work with a good company, such as Prestige Car Removal Brisbane that will make the selling process worthwhile and at the same time leave you with some good money in your pocket. Here are some of the things to watch out for in rogue cash for car company:

Zero or Very low valuation of your car in Brisbane

Your car will never value at zero! If a company claims that they value your car at zero after going through all the details of your car (even if it’s been in a car wreck), know immediately that they are con artists. Your car will never worth nothing, even if it never had any parts at all, at least the scrap metal will have some value.

Filling you up with unrealistic expectations

While it is possible to get top dollars of up to $13,000 for your old car, from reputable auto removal companies like Prestige Car Removal Brisbane, but this is not always the case, because this entire market works on real-time valuation. There are a number of criteria that go into valuation and rarely does a customer comes out with that chunk of money in their pocket but that’s not to say that people don’t get really good rates for their car. If the company gives you an impression that you are guaranteed top dollars for the sale of your scrap car, consider your decision to sell to them. Chances are these are con artists impersonating as a sales representative to steal your car!

Payment after the Car is Towed

Car Removal Services in Brisbane are instant in the sense that you are paid fully the agreed amount before the car is towed. So, if someone makes an offer telling you otherwise then step back and do a bit of research.

Prestige Car Removal Brisbane is one of the leading cash for cars companies in the region and you can trust us for a smooth service and good rates at any time. Call us at 0423 017 490 if you need your car to be removed immediately.