It is the law in the UK that every motor vehicle older than 3 years must take an annual Ministry of Transport test to determine the vehicle’s roadworthiness. The MOT test can be carried out by a garage that is approved by the government, and prior to booking your car in for an MOT test, you should first inspect the following:

  • Bodywork – The body and chassis are inspected for signs of corrosion, or any damage that might cause injury.
  • Brakes – The vehicle is put on a rolling road and the brakes are tested for efficiency, while the handbrake is checked for correct tension.
  • Lights – The headlights, rear and brake lights, reversing lights and indicators are all checked, as are the hazard warning lights. All should be working properly.
  • Tyres – The minimum tread depth is 1.6mm and if you need new tyres in Bicester, there is an MOT approved garage that can fit new tyres for you. The spare wheel is also inspected.
  • Wiper and Washers – It is essential that the driver can always see clearly, and the wiper blades are inspected to ensure they are not perished, plus the washer system should be in good working order (with sufficient water in the bottle). The windscreen is also examined for cracks or chips, as it is important for the driver to have clear vision.
  • Steering and Suspension – Both are critical for a safe ride and they are checked while the vehicle is on the hydraulic hoist.

Prior to booking your car in for the annual MOT test, you should have it checked over to ensure it will pass with flying colours.