Buying a Used Car

If you prefer to buy second hand cars, you are certainly not in the minority. Most UK drivers change their wheels every few years, and if you look after your cars, this is probably the cheapest way to run a decent car. If you are not very knowledgeable regarding cars, here are a few tips to help you make the right choices.

  • Buy from a Dealer – Buying a second-hand car from a private seller is a risky proposition, with “sold as seen’ being the norm. The risks are simply too great, and with affordable used cars in Devon, there are many quality vehicles to view. The dealer would give you a warranty, which might be a few thousand miles, as he would have given the car a thorough examination and carried out any necessary repairs.
  • Insist on a Test Drive – The only way to know how a car handles is to drive it, and while doing do, you should test the brakes, and drive the car in a manner that allows you to get the feel of the handling.
  • Check the Service History – The dealer would be able to show you evidence of the car’s service history (located in the rear section of the owner’s manual). A full service history (FSH) shows that the car has been looked after and serviced according to the manufacturer’s specification.

There’s nothing wrong in negotiating with the dealer, plus you might get a very favourable allowance if your trade in your car, and with competitive finance available, the used car dealer can provide you with a reliable car at an affordable price.