Financial Sense When It Comes To Cars

It may be the right time to change your current car as it is getting a little old and recently, it has been giving problems with regard to the engine. Some mornings it starts, other mornings, it takes forever to get it to run. This may also be your first car and you have been saving up for a long time taking on part-time jobs to get the money together. Either way, the sensible option is to go for a used car as it will prove to be a lot cheaper than a new one and buying used also offers up many more benefits to the British road user.

You can find the best used cars in Exeter and there is a large number of them to choose from. There are many brands and colours and you are bound to find something that you like. Buying used offers a number of advantages.

  1. As mentioned, once a car leaves a showroom new, it loses about 30 % of its value immediately. This is, depreciation that you won’t suffer from when you buy second hand. Depreciation actually slows down and your used car will hold its value for longer.
  2. Warrantees on cars now are offered sometimes up to 5 years by the manufacturer. This means that you can buy a used car that is still under warranty, so if there are any engine or gearbox issues, it is covered.
  3. Used car dealers now perform numerous checks on their cars before offering them for sale at great prices. They don’t want to sell you a dud and ruin their online reputation. This gives you great piece of mind.

For a great deal on a used car, call into your local dealer today and have a look at the great selection that they have.