Many of us might have lost count as to how many times we have received a speeding ticket. Even if you are a proficient driver, you may get a ticket out of nowhere. The reason isvery simple; some unfortunate circumstances arequite inevitable and they just happen in the middle of the day.

However, there are some effective tips that actually work in real life. Here we will discuss some of them. Let’s begin:

No Tokyo Drift Happening Here

Get this straight, you are not in the latest installment of Fast and Furious while you are on the road. Just because you own avehicle that runs faster than the rest, does not mean you should exceed the speed limit. Furthermore, if you have been driving too fast, it is not wise to become ‘too furious’ when you are asked about your license and registration number.

Act Civil

You should provide complete information and act on every instruction that you have been asked to follow. It is highly recommended to be as politeas you can while interacting with the officers. It creates a good impression on them and they try to listen to your case.

You Are Being Watched

There is no point to indulge yourself in the long arguments with the officer, just admit that you have learned your lesson. The reason is whatever you did is recorded on the cameras so the police have concrete proof of your wrongdoing. However, if you think you have been following traffic rules, you will be allowed to speak in the court and prove your innocence.

Important Things to Consider

  • If it is night, turn on the interior lights of your vehicle.
  • Step out of the vehicle if you have been asked to do so.
  • Ask the authority to show you the radar, however, don’t push their buttons.
  • Do not try to outsmart the police because eventually, they will show you who owns the traffic game.


If one day you got your speeding ticket and it stayed on the record because you had an attitude problem back then. In a situation like this, you must always have a plan B, which requires you to ‘arrange a meeting’ in order to talk things out. This plan B has worked out for many people and it might work for you too.

Moreover, you can also write a letter to the officer or as a final resort consult the judge for his blessings during an ongoing speeding ticket battle.

A Final Word

May the Odds be in Your Favor

Someday we will have to face the harsh reality of receiving a speeding ticket even if we did not intend to break the law. If it occurred unintentionally then just call it a day and try to be vigilant the next time. However, if you broke the speed limit on purpose then it is recommended not to overstress by throwing tantrums at the person in front of you. Furthermore, these speeding tickets have been placed to ensure the safety of thousands of citizens that are on the road either walking or driving. So, it is better to abide by the traffic rules at all times. Be smart, drive safe!