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After a vehicle accident, getting a rental car will make most of your complicated time less difficult for your entire family. You might need a vehicle to take your kids to school or to get to a doctor’s or a physical therapist’s office on time. Therefore, having access to rental vehicles will make things easier.

First, is getting a rental vehicle after an accident possible?

Yes, it is possible. However, when or how fast you can get a rental vehicle deal after an accident will highly depend on your insurance company. If your auto insurance provider offers rental coverage under the personal insurance policy, the representatives should help you get a car. Actually, you should be able to get a rental car after a few days. Call the insurance provider if you are uncertain whether your policy includes rental coverage. Generally, adding rental vehicle coverage immediately after the accident is not an option.

If your personal auto insurance does not include rental coverage, the insurance provider of the person who hit your car should approve your car rental. In other words, the insurance provider has to research the accident and then establish the liability. That way, they will be able to determine whether they should authorize a rental car company to rent you a car. The process takes over one week if the insurance provider disputes liability on their insured driver’s behalf.

The documents you need to get rental car deals

For a car rental company rent you a vehicle, you will require the following.

Proof of insurance coverage

Perhaps, your auto insurance policy covers collisions and theft, but you should present your paperwork to them to ensure that the coverage is adequate. Rental companies also provide coverage but that might cost you more money. There is no need to buy it from the company if your insurance policy covers rentals.

Cash or credit card

The rental car company will need a cash deposit or credit card. If you return the vehicle in good shape, they will not charge the card. They will also return your cash deposit.

A valid driver’s license

When picking up a rental vehicle, you must present a valid driver’s license.

You must be over 25 years old

Generally, rental car companies do not rent out their vehicles to younger drivers. That is due to the set vehicle regulations.

For the best rental car deals, start by calling the rental companies before you go to their offices. That way, you will manage to present the paperwork they require.

Choosing the vehicle

The party paying for the rental will determine the vehicle to be rented. Unless the rental involves special cases, such as a car with wheelchair features, rental companies approve compact or mid-size vehicles.

The number of days to keep the vehicle

The party paying for the rental will establish the number of days to keep the vehicle. If the vehicle is a total loss and keeping it for more days is a waste of money in terms of repair costs, you will be able to keep it for five more days after the settlement offer. If the vehicle is repairable, you can keep the rental after the repair work is over and vehicle returned to you.