Most days we can get about in our cars without too much hassle, however this isn’t always the case. Sometimes little things can happen on the road or at a location that disrupt the normality of everyday life. Whilst these things can be upsetting and an unwanted stress, it is important to remember that they can be resolved by taking sensible steps and arrangements.

There are always going to be hazards that can cause a minor amount of damage to your car, and problems can even arise when you are being very careful. Unfortunately we don’t see everything coming, or have no power to stop them. However it can be helpful to be aware of some of these hazards so you can keep them in mind when you are out and about.

Other Motorists

You can’t really control other motorists on the road, so things can happen even in the most unlikely of circumstances. Some people feel the need to make crazy overtaking manoeuvres on busy roads that can end up clipping a wing mirror or headlight, which can leave you having to foot the bill to get a replacement fitted. Others are perhaps not so talented in the way of reversing, and actually end up bumping into your vehicle when they are backing off their driveway or out of a car parking space.


You can even get damage from other people when they aren’t in a vehicle; pedestrians can be just as much of a hazard. Some people are careless when opening a car door to get inside, causing small dents and scratches on the bodywork of your vehicle. People may also walk too closely to your car with something sharp in their hands or on their person; some of these scratches can end up being quite deep. And of course, people often leave debris on the road which can cause problems for your tyres or suspension.

Shopping Trolleys

Where there are hills and bumps, there is likely to be an increased risk from hazards. This is especially true in car parks where people may not have full attention on what they are doing. It is a relatively common sight to see wayward shopping trolleys and pushchairs rolling by themselves, and it could be the case that your vehicle is in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Sometimes it isn’t possible to avoid doing a turn in the road or other manoeuvre where you need to look out of the back windscreen instead of the front. Not all of them go completely as planned, especially where the kerb is particularly high. This can lead to scuffs on the alloy wheels, which would need to be seen to by a garage or mobile car alloy wheel refurbishment company.


Another culprit of minor car damage is the bollard, which isn’t always easily visible from behind the wheel. These can be found in car parks and town centres – pretty much all over the country, so do take care especially when you are looking for car parking places.