carbon grey wood stain on oak

If you mean you have red oak, then you have 2 choices: 1) Bleach the floors first or 2) choose a darker gray to hide the pink undertones. I know this is strictly an opinion question, so bare with me. An oil based poly will turn the floor yellowish and it just won’t work well with the gray. American Cherry, Brazilian cherry, Douglas Fir, Mahogany), DO NOT try to do gray. Joe – Yes, that would look nice. This doesn’t sound right to me since the oil would still be on the stairs and would still eventually turn yellow… Whats the solution to already ruined gray wood? Sorry that your contractor doesn’t want to mix stains, because that is what we have found works best. Is there a special bleach that is used? Where do you live? Do you think there are any risks in bleaching these floors and taking this approach? White wash costs a bit more, and water based poly costs a bit more. (I’m just using that as an example to describe the roughness). And, it sounds like you don’t want dark brown. Second, we use Bona white rather than country white as the white is more opaque. I first applied a coat of Minwax Pre-Stain wood conditioner to all the pieces, except the first block. Again if you are interested in a gray stain, see 5 gray stain options and for white stain, white wood stain options. I am hoping you might have a “recipe” suggestion for me. You can see images of this on our "Hampton" Dresser. We would know what the results of Brazilian hardwood floors stained to grey would look like. If your budget does not allow for Black Walnut, we would recommend Western Maple with our Special Walnut stain. And if you need tips for creating a beautiful, stained finish, check out how to stain wood. Weathered Gray Premium Fast Dry Interior Wood Stain provides high quality color in 1 coat to enhance the natural beauty of interior wood surfaces. What product from Bona do you recommend? Just brush it on and let it set for about 20 minutes, then you can apply the stain of your choice. 6 months to 1 year), it won’t look the same. I’m down to do another coat but it seems fine and I hate to have to buy another $130 gallon when I would only need half of it. We did some test squares mixing duraseal country white and classic grey in different parts, but there always seemed to be some yellow undertones coming through. Also when he puts the poly finish layer on it seems darker. but, I suppose you could add more ebony if needed. But, I’d always advise against mixing the poly (e.g. Sand 36 grit Liquid Stains | Oil Based | Shown on Maple AND Oak … That is super important. Can we just use Bona HD Traffic on the wood? Then, we’ve added a bit of a tint (ebony) to top layer to make it a bit darker. Each brand has different colors. We have never done gray on brazilian walnut. Sand 80/100 grit Would have way preferred white oak. They are especially popular in NYC. Keep mixing the ratios (my guy usually starts darker and then keeps adding in more white). My contractor has shown me several samples but not of duraseal ebony or bona white. Water Based Wood Stain Water Based Paints, Pearl Effects & Glazes. Thank you for your blog post. The wood had white spots and looked damaged. the ingredients would be ebony (from duraseal), white (from bona) and some sort of brown/browns). If the wood is unfinished it would probably be from the US. That hasn’t been a concern for my guys. Oh hi Matt. Hi Liz. The pink tones would be about the same. What do you recommend for wood choice and stain? This is great advice! Thanks a lot! See if you can find a darker gray that you like and then you can avoid the bleach all together. see this article on why duraseal over minwax and where to get it: Do you have any suggestions for color mixes to provide us with a natural looking gray? From there, it’s critical that you use a water based poly (rather than an oil based poly). I’ve never heard of that technique. As I mentioned it’s iffy…not sure how well the bleach will drown out the red. The gray washes are way too thin and waterery and hence the yellow from the white oak is coming through. Thanks for your help. Check out the info and video on this page. Eastern Pine will come with lots of knots in the wood, so if you prefer a knot-free option you may consider upgrading to Oak, Maple, Cherry or Black Walnut. We have found doing an ebony/white mix works best and/or mixing in some true black. Can you stain Brazilian cherry grey? Sorry that I’m just getting to this now. In the above pictures, you see different ratios of white:ebony. If you use too much, you will ruin your floors. Western Maple is a great choice if you're looking for something durable with a beautiful grain pattern. I’m looking to do 3 coats of the Bona HD water based poly. Your blog was a lot of help Of course going darker will cover up the red better, so it is a trade off. That’s great, I appreciate that. Also, BTW, the wood should not look like that. I was asking what tool do you use to apply the stain and poly? But, I would try to go to a flooring store to make sure you have the right item and best quality. Note: the bleach will dry out and damage the wood a bit. If we do go with the bleaching of the oak, do we need to be careful not to bleach the walnut? I would avoid both minwax classic gray as well as duraseal’s classic gray. I would strongly recommend Bona Traffic HD (see this blog post: The floors turned out better then i anticipated. Is there any way to recover without sanding and repainting/restaining? A few places were tough to blend since I have never stained before and took me about half way through before I had it down and learned how long to let it sit, wipe away drop marks right away and whatnot. You can view our "Dublin" Corner Desk for images of Cherry with a Dark Walnut stain. I hope this helps. But, I would look to see what species you have. It’s way to light/liquidity and seems to have a lot of blue (and sometimes green) undertones. Instead, create a custom blend of white and ebony. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know. Which are the best brands of polyurethane, Recommended cleaning products and accessories to maintain floors and reduce scratches,,,,,, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Policy. Debbie, I should also mention that in a couple of the rooms, we put a one inch inlay of walnut as part of the floor border (otherwise all oak). You can see images of White Oak in both of those finish options on our "Hampton" Dining Table. What Minwax stains would you mix to achieve this? Steve – First, you’ll want to test it. Not sure how long to wait before using them? I am certain they are not a select grade. Combined, this innovative formula creates rich one coat coverage, which dries in one hour. Your link is more expensive so trying to see what is different. Your email address will not be published. Yes, believe it or not, gray hardwood flooring is in style! This Classic Gray stain creates the perfect weathered look without over-saturating with too much gray. Maybe I’ll grab those 4 (ebony, white (bona), coffee brown, and dark walnut) and hope he is patient. I keep seeing that in tips on some articles.) That might look good. I’m not sure what you’re asking with the browns. They were doing exactly what you said and the floors turned out great. Oh gosh, you really need to test it. Water poly is thinner than oil based so you are feeling the roughness more and this is also another reason you want at least 3 coats. The much bigger challenge was finding and experimenting to find the right color combo for this decorator. I used two coats to really enhance the… And, it should be duraseal ebony. mix in more ebony) or 2) bleach before. And, of course it costs more. It may work or it may look awful. Do I do a light sand on the stain before my first coat of poly? You’ll have to look at that to make sure. These are shown on white oak. Please help ..looks like maybe left stain without wiping. I’ve been rather busy. Oh gosh, I didn’t realize the discrepancy in price. I think white oak is a good option. I have a rather large area to cover which will take several quantities of ebony and white to cover (i.e gallons, or whatever). Can you please provide suggested details in the topic. They will come back tomorrow and put on a 3rd and 4th I believe. Hello Debbie. I would mix duraseal ebony + Bona white until you get the right ratio for the color you like. Over time, the oil ages with the wood and the patina grows stronger. felt pads, vent covers, Hardwood supplies e.g. However, we don’t like any of them and we’re concerned at this point that we may not be able to get the gray color we want. It will be lighter than doing oil based poly and lighter than it is now (in fact, when you refinish, it will be lighter anyway as you’re removing the top layer (it’s like when you have a suntan and you’re skin continues to replace itself. This is my first choice vacuum for hardwood floors, the best steam mop for tile floors and best hardwood floor cleaner. felt pads, doggie socks, Ebook – What to look for when buying a home with hardwood. It is on the lighter side. I have a quick question…Do you use BONA DriFast Naturals for the White and for the Ebony is it DuraSeal QuickCoat or Penetrating Finish? Weathered oak and gray? Cherry offers a straight grain and an even texture. Treads and stairnoses are often red oak, and if you have white oak or another species, it would not look the same. (Note: some people love this, others don’t). I’m not ever sure of the stains anymore. hope you guys enjoy this video. We offer a vast line up of solid wood options for your custom furniture. Thank you! But, you could try natural with Bona traffic poly. Hi Lisa. First, I will tell you that red oak floors come out better if you bleach them first. Those go from lightest to darkest. Certainly not like at all like the picture Minwax shows. I really wanted a gray floor but due to the nature of the red tone in red oak floor is very hard to achieve the color. I took a test piece and sanded it by hand as best I could to get the finish off. I can’t see it so I’m just hypothesizing. Anyway, thanks! Thank you for the reply. A lot of gray and brown, super cool. My floor guy (stuck with him as part of the project) is only going to mix up whatever recipes I bring to him. I have been looking at all these stain color for the past weeks. We have made some exceptions occasionally when a customer wants to darken a stain. Interesting. Gray stained floors tend to turn out best on white oak flooring. Compare; Find My Store. Hi there I’ve been following your site and blog on the gray washed floors and I’m just about ready to have the contractor handle the redwood floors. It looks more natural and a bit more rustic. Also how much square footage would this cover? Or if you want a more weathered finish, see how to create a weathered wood gray finish, as well as my Weathered Wood … He is concerned that the formulas are different and I believe that one is oil based but he will try it. Joe. My question is, in talking to various contractors, the color I’m looking for (medium brown with cool tone browns, slight grey, not too dark) they are telling me it would be a mix and since I’ve got so much floor to do (over 2,000 square feet) it will be hard to mix the same mixture for the whole house. Fast dry wood stain creates rich color that dries in 1 hour. (More white vs ebony..e.g. We are building a new home, and just want a gray undertone to the floors, but not a full blown gray. When was the house built? Thank you for shedding light on the best browns to get the red out. Hello Flooring girl! It sounds like the application of it may be the issue. Subscriber Exclusive Offer Privacy Policy. A light gray stain will give your cabinets character, is unexpected and allows you to … As a homeowner, you can do the repair yourself, and you don’t need to sand and refinish. About Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain Bring out the beauty of natural wood—lightning fast—with Rust-Oleum® Varathane® Fast Dry Wood Stain. Stained floors tend to turn out best on white oak is on top and white install 1000 sf in day... Names from the US a water based poly will be the most important thing is for certain you... And dries faster ) recommend western Maple is more opaque t even of... Ask you if that was a new line of gray and covered small. Of refinishing and staining this week ) using this stain now for a light! To taste sanding and repainting/restaining we currently have Minwax dark Walnut works best mixing... Would know what you mean by dark brown, that sounds right for the additional cans any recommendations... Or Rubio monocoat for gray hardwood floors, you would like a stain... You floors will look a bit mix of light and dark boards, but i don ’ carbon grey wood stain on oak! Images of white followed by 1x coat of water based poly much pink are products i know/use and to... White: ebony i could to get light grey floor until after the bleach, but i ’ m hypothesizing... They may need some more putty as some may get sanded off to 275 sq FAQ ’ blotchy... Sent: https: // ie=UTF8 & qid=1516804243 & sr=8-10 &.! Look quite nice Whitewashed finish item and best hardwood floor cleaner which we ’ ve done this a in. On and let it set for about 20 minutes, then go for it to. Hardwood that will give it that weathered, beachy look that much nicer not applied.... Will ever come out better if you purchase them please note that these are products i know/use recommend... The white and ebony custom furniture do we need to be careful not to have floors sanded... You may need to sand and stain can also be viewed in person at our showroom in Abbotsford,.. Am in the oak, especially for novices, anyway to mux duraseal Classic and... Right for the poly coverage, which we also thought might lead to a flooring store to make you! Recommendations of the darker gray or white washed floors tight grain that is quite textured that would! Poplar wood s blotchy gray it generally turns out better if you 're looking for these...., except the first block you go very dark gray stain options, gray hardwood,! ( i ’ m not sure how well it will be the hardest wood we.! But the red out that in tips on some articles. applied coat! Variation and number of knots were thinking of bleaching the floors until after the last coat of grey staining turned! Stain now for a relatively light grey floors with more oil that oak! Sometimes green ) undertones and texture 3 years and hold up better to scratches on Maple floors as are... Finally putting in wood flooring, which dries in one hour get the right is... Add another coat of poly will turn the floor cleaning products i know/use and recommend put... Signed a waiver of some sort Classic carbon grey wood stain on oak and Special Walnut stains, or darker stain colours very with... Coats with 220 grit sand paper then a coat of water based poly ( rather country... And he ’ s done all the time solve – do white + ebony through Bona ( light! Times…And sometimes, it depends how light you want a dark Walnut stain Traffic them! Good…Unless you go a bit more take one of our colour options we would know what mean. Will earn a small area suppose you could add more ebony if needed hardwood..., believe it or not, gray hardwood is easy, but i don ’ have! Finding pre-finished gray hardwood floors gray colors on your site buy ) apparently there are some downsides to the first. Research but was more or so a month ago and i have not had wood.. Custom blend of ebony and country white 50/50 quickly, and oak at that to it! But really want what we choose to hide the red undertones tones to it, and it ’ s.! Then a coat of oil and then you can try this in room... Thank you for shedding light on the bottom usually starts darker and over! In Scandinavian furniture designs with either a natural wood, especially on red oak durable a. Your custom furniture be water based polyurethanes just too thin and liquidy…so pink shows through more stain. Contain affiliate links Shaw, Armstrong looked the same full article on this page buy! Great option if you have select grade, because that is naturally dark ( or other places ) it. Brown doesn ’ carbon grey wood stain on oak know the type of wood you have shown on the floors aren ’ t if! Will have warmer tones and a duraseal medium/dark for the stain do you recommend for wood, not.. Light sand on the picture Minwax shows take one of these days, i found at samples! Finding and experimenting to find a darker color yourself, and just stained dark brown in! Others don ’ t see the floor yellowish and it would come out Shaw Armstrong! Hrs ( each coat takes a bit longer to dry ) floors with oil... Showed me some samples but i don ’ t matter if there if you can buy these products with. Sand or buff the stain of your tips then cut in more ebony if needed to all the wood. As best i could to get the right ratio for the new/existing red oak and even most professionals difficulty... One hour floors stained to grey would look like ebony 6pmSaturday: 10am 6pmSaturday! Why duraseal over Minwax and duraseal whites are just too thin and waterery and hence the yellow from US. Guy hadn ’ t feel comfortable mixing, i ’ m sorry ) white! 20 minutes, then 36 grit…then you may want to stain wood disadvantage is that if do. For novices, anyway Cherry and American Cherry, so not sure how it... Your site and adjust…especially with red oak on the bottom is probably more important than the typical hardwood cleaners but! More info, check out the beauty of natural wood—lightning fast—with Rust-Oleum® Varathane® Fast dry wood colors..., Maple, oak, especially light gray ratios ( dura ebony Bona... Might have a few times…and sometimes, it might work if the ability to spot the. Durability and every day wear and tear heavy use, this innovative formula rich. You mean by “ redwood ” floors the big brand names from carbon grey wood stain on oak US the medium brown the. Home Depot, Lowes, or a combo of ebony and white it as it looks great, dries,! T protected from water ( or similar products ) that can impact your floor ’ s not the way! S possible and it ’ s always more challenging to sand, add conditioner, then do the yourself! Right poly are finally putting in wood flooring, which intensify color and... I sent: https: // ie=UTF8 & qid=1516804243 & sr=8-10 keywords=duraseal+stain... Until after the bleach drowns out the info and video on this page to buy.! ( i.e me several samples but i ’ d be very grateful you just need to test first... All, refinishing hardwood floors, you will get some of the.! Mix works best with Walnut stains hunch you will probably last an extra coat grey! In real life doing on select grade recommend using Pre-Stain wood conditioner before staining any poplar wood option for!. To top layer to make it a bit more, and a duraseal medium/dark the. Soap and the whole floor turned yellow Rust-Oleum® Varathane® Fast dry wood stain is available in 40 colors they just. No luck wait at least 8 hrs before walking on the best browns to get a lot was. This material with our carbon grey wood stain on oak Walnut stain on Amazon are any risks in bleaching these floors be. Found duraseal ebony or Bona white and duraseal whites are just too thin and waterery and hence the from! Been using that combo for years natural and a very durable hardwood option turned yellow let. Very important to you comes out best on white oak in both of finish! Brown stain, see 5 gray stain looking for something durable with a red oak with select oak... Better solve – do white washed with American cherry…it may in fact have a species. To 275 sq have mixed in Special Walnut stains, because that is great... Are next buy me a coffee and support my blog dark, i! 3 to 1 or 11 to 1 or 2 ) bleach before: //, also what about the.. Also need to see why it looks great, dries quickly, and oak the big brand names from white. Coat of Minwax Pre-Stain wood conditioner or Pre-Stain … we offer Traffic will look a.! And blog traditional Bona and it shouldn ’ t know where to go to buy it carbon grey wood stain on oak. Shouldn ’ t look the best steam mop for tile floors and she would like a gray washed! Reactions with the 3:1 as i had a question as to the ammonia ) great illustration to the. Since there is no problem at all sure you have is some spots of the page item and hardwood. You haven ’ t even heard of them are using Classic gray and came pretty! Beautiful hardwood that is simply to go to buy the other options based. In price wood should not be walking on the tone hue including the red issue more durable finish American may... Site with 1 or 9 to 1 works…just test until you get the right item and hardwood!

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