Is Level 3 Insurance Right for You?

If you are planning to see Thailand in all its glory, you will need a car. Whether it is your own vehicle or a rented one, driving offers a level of freedom that you just can’t get any other way.

Organised tour groups will bring you to all the same places you see in the postcards and you might even get lucky enough to see one or two places that are ‘off the beaten track’. You will never see the ‘real’ Thailand, though, without striking out on your own to explore all that the kingdom has to offer.

That’s why we always recommend getting yourself a car when traveling through this land of breathtaking beauty. Just be sure to secure an insurance policy before you set off on your journey, as there are always more than a few hazards on the roads.

Which insurance is best for your automobile?

The best type of insurance for your vehicle while travelling through Thailand is the same whether you buy or rent a car. The best type is what’s best for you, and what gives you the peace of mind you need to enjoy yourself.

There are several different levels of car insurance available in Thailand, and each comes with a slightly different list of things that are covered. The government minimum which is legal requirement covers the least, but is the cheapest. Then, there are the so-called VMI (Voluntary Motor Insurance) packages that come in five varieties. These are: Level 3, Level 3+, Level 2, Level 2+, and Level 1. Level 3 is the basic coverage, and Level 1 is the most comprehensive. In our opinion, Level 3 is a great option for most drivers because it provides decent protection for a fraction of the price of some of the more advanced plans.  

Is Level 3 Insurance enough?

People always ask us whether we think Level 3 Insurance offers enough protection for the bustling, and sometimes quite precarious, roads of Thailand. Our answer is always the same. It depends.

Level 3 insurance (ประกันชั้น3) is great for most drivers and in for many situations. It covers what is often the costliest part of an accident, which is the life of the driver and third party, the property damage suffered by the third party, and the medical bills for anyone involved in the accident. Level 3 insurance in Thailand should be considered a solid, entry-level solution to third-party automobile insurance accessible to most drivers due to its low cost.

For some drivers who like to know that they are covered for theft, fire, and natural disasters, there are other options available, but Level 3 is a popular solution that covers both legal and financial burdens that sometimes come up in a driver’s experience on the road.

Do it for yourself

Your journey through Thailand should be memorable, but only for the right reasons. Making sure that you vehicle is covered will add just the type of peace of mind you need to be able to focus on the adventure at hand, making it possible to immerse yourself in all that the Kingdom of Thailand has to offer. A good insurance policy for your rented or private vehicle doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Just pick up a Level 3 Insurance package and know that you are protected from liabilities that could otherwise stop a life changing adventure in its tracks.

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