How Much Does Car Insurance Cost on Average?

Car Insurance

Car insurance. It is something that everybody in the United States should have.

As a law throughout the country, it is meant to protect drivers financially in case they are involved in a car accident. But, car insurance is not cheap for some people. For others, they will spring for every bell and whistle available in the coverage.

But, most people ask the question, how much does car insurance cost?

Well, this article will give you the best idea for that.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

The overall average cost of car insurance in the United States is about $186 a month, or $2,232 a year.

But, this is not as simple as throwing one number out there. This is only the average, while you can somewhat choose how much you pay.

The minimum coverage can be as low as $60 a month. But, full coverage in car insurance can be as high as $300 a month. You need to decide whether it is worth it to spring for the extra coverage and decide how much risk you are willing to take.

Coverage Options

There are two main types of auto insurance. The first is the simplest in Liability Coverage.

The simple definition is that this mainly helps cover damage caused to other people. In other words, this insurance will pay for the damages to the other car that you hit, but it will not cover your own.

This extends to bodily injuries and property damage of others as well if you find yourself at fault in this situation. It would NOT cover you if your car was the one damaged in an accident.

Then, there is full-coverage insurance. This is basically liability insurance with the add-ons of collision and comprehensive insurance.

Those cover you when your car is damaged by somebody else or if it is damaged in a non-collision such as a natural disaster, a tree falling, someone breaking your car window, a stolen car, and more.

Obviously, the full coverage costs more money in your premiums. However, it may not be a necessary option for everyone buying car insurance, so you need to look at your personal situation, habits, and your environment to help make that determination.

Cost Factors

The cost of insurance premiums has other factors outside of whether you just want the liability or full coverage.

The quality of the driver and your financial situation comes into play as well. These can be things such as credit rating, accident record, age of the driver, what type of car you have, and even your gender in some cases.

Also, what state you live in could factor into what type of insurance you have to take and how much you get charged for it. Click here if you want more details on states like Louisiana.

Insurance is not created equal. If you are a poor driver, inexperienced driver, or have poor credit, you will pay more.

Take Control of Your Insurance

With this in mind, you do have the ability to control your own destiny to an extent.

How much does car insurance cost? If you want the best car insurance, it may cost more. If you are confident or show proof of your driving skills, you may pay less.

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