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respectively. vehicles run out of gas. The roads within the Autobahn system are inspected regularly for damage, with entire areas being replaced when necessary. A3: between Straubing Autobahn entry / exit number 106 to Rosenhof entry / exit 103 in both directions and A3 till border of Holland, A3: from Siegburg direction Frankfurt – Westerwald, A3: shortly after Regensburg until shortly before Nuremberg, A30: from the Dutch border to the Lotter Kreuz (just before Osnabrück), exception: Schüttorfer Kreuz (interchange A30 / A31), A33: on the section between Dissen / Bad Rothenfelde and the interchange Osnabrück-Süd, A39: Coming from Hamburg until just before Lüneburg Nord, A4: between Gerstungen and Erfurf in both directions, A42: from the end of Oberhausen direction Dortmund to Herne Wanne, A42: from Herne Crange to Duisburg until beginning of Oberhausen, A43: from AK Münster Süd to the exit Recklinghausen / Herten, A52: from exit Marl Frentrop to AK Marl Nord, A44: from Düsseldorf-Nord to Flughafen Düsseldorf (Duesseldorf airport) in both directions, A45: between Gambach intersection (Gambacher Kreuz) and Gießen south intersection (Gießener Südkreuz), A46: from Heinsberg to intersection Wanlo, A485: from Gießener Südkreuz to the junction with the B3 in direction north, A5: between Basel (Swiss border) and Bad Bellingen, A5: between between Autobahn exit number 37 Heidelberg and 26 Darmstadt intersection (Darmstädter Kreuz), A5: from Grenze Weil am Rhein to Höhe Bad Bellingen, A52: From Elmpt to Mönchengladbach höhe Wolfskull, and vice versa A52 from Mönchengladbach-Neuwerk to Kreuz Kaarst, A524: in Duisburg, between Kreuz Breitscheid and Duisburg Rahm, A57: from Kreuzung Kaarst to interchange Neuss-West, A59: from beginning A46 to exit Rheindorf, A6: Between Kreuz Weinsberg (~ 500 meters after the driveway) and Bretzfeld, A6: from Bischmisheim to just beyond Waldmohr, A60: from Wittlich to the end of the extension at Prüm, A61: from Dannstadt until shortly before the exit on the B9 to Speyer, A61: from intersection Mönchengladbach to the border of Holland, A63: Between Mainz (Saulheim) and Kaiserslautern, A65: between Haßloch and Landau-Nord (only this direction), A66: between Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt and Frankfurt Zeilsheim (both directions), A671: Mainz-Wiesbaden in both directions from the Mainbrücke bei Hochheim to the junction with A66, A7: between HH-Waltershof and Maschener Kreuz (only in direction south), A7: in the direction of Kassel from the Göttingen exit until shortly before the intersection Drammetal. A92: only the section from Moosburg Nord to Landshut (Altdorf) has speed limit of 120kph (75mph), otherwise no limits on A92. Below the line are major cities via Germany’s most expensive accident happened on the Autobahn In 2004, an allegedly drugged driver collided with a trunk hauling 8,500 gallons of fuel on the Wiehltal Bridge. While sign 511 indicates all the traffic on the adjacent lane to hard shoulder must shift to hard shoulder. This information is not official and is not suitable/allowed to present before the court or in other legal affairs. Noticeboard indicating a 24-hour service area. Dress up in your best lederhosen or dirndl and join the party! Just ignore them and complete your passing course. You´re dreaming of driving full-throttle over the German Autobahn in a supercar that will blow your mind with absolutely NO SPEED RESTRICTIONS? On the Autobahn, electronic speed limits were posted regularly, presumably based on the time of day and road conditions. intersection along with their respective motorway number. The left sign indicates exit number 32 ahead. There is a very strict rule on Autobahn and other roads in Germany, called All autobahn routes are prefixed with a capital “A”, which stands for “Autobahn”, followed by a blank space and a number. can be reached on this route, with the closest town shown at the Autobahn exit marker; 100m before exit. km, it is the 7th largest country in Europe. Stuttgart. Yellow colored name to the right lane. autobahn. Though they have an advisory speed limit (Richtgeschwindigkeit) of 130km/h (80 mph). But that's not the case everywhere. Indicates the end of a no-passing zone for motor vehicles. Driving in the left lane to prevent vehicles from passing. About Us | Myths and facts about Germany's highways Oldest highway. German driving schools teach their students in such Rechtsfahren (always stay in the right lane). Every exit and interchange on Autobahn has a unique number, whether it's an exit to a rest area, another federal road or another Autobahn. German road rules are also pretty specific and similar to what we see here in the states, which actually makes driving in Germany a lot easier than you may initially assume. Routes on Autobahn suitable for highspeed (above 120kmh / 75mph), To see the general traffic rules and laws in Germany please visit, To see the important road signs in Germany please visit, To see right of way rules, right before left rule and other priority rules in Germany please visit. Map with unlimited motorway / Autobahn sections in Germany. This roads and motorways connect all cities, towns and villages with Bundesstraßen (federal roads), Bundesländer (states), called Landesstraße (country road) or Staatsstraße (state road). Germany also takes road maintenance very seriously and focuses on building high-quality roads. On Autobahn without speed limits, it is hard to estimate the speed of an approaching vehicle in rearview mirrors. Detouring onto opposite lane. Survival of the fittest. Autobahn Map Autobahn are spread throughout Germany. For some fun settle down in Munich at the end of September and beginning of October for the Oktoberfest celebrations - a beer festival and carnival. Germany has extensive and well connected Autobahn network, possibly have the best roads in Europe. The opposite direction has speed limit of 120kph (75mph). It is legal to remain in the left lane if you are waiting for the vehicle ahead to finish Driving training area | The Autobahn - Maximum speed tracks made in Germany. In 1933, Adolf Hilter, who took control of Germany, encouraged the building of the Autobahn. traffic signs). Berlin is the largest city in Germany and the cultural center of the country. Walking is also not permitted along the autobahn. On our trip many were set to unrestricted speed. Until 2000, the Autobahn was the world's second largest superhighway system after only the US Interstate System. Absence of any of these can cause fine. Generally, Autobahns of former East German states have relatively low traffic. All lanes shift to the left of the median. The yellow pole in the image is an emergency telephone post. Drivers may be fined for stopping if their Here, you'll find world-class museums, UNESCO-worthy attractions, and a buzzing nightlife. Emergency vehicles have right of way and other vehicles must give them a way. Autobahn map. top of the sign shows the route number drivers will enter at the Early Autobahns were rather crude by today's standards. Covering an area of 357, 022 sq. Only thing that makes the German Autobahn famous is NO SPEED LIMIT. Direction to other Autobahns with city names and highway or Autobahn numbers. They are installed after every half kilometer. (for example, motorcycles). The Autobahn in Germany is the highway system throughout Germany.Its official name is the Bundesautobahn (federal highway), built to reach cities by car in the fastest way.It is access-controlled and only allows vehicles that can go faster than 60 km/h (37,3 mph). No speed limit section starts with sign 282. The right sign indicates junction number 33 ahead. Driver's license categories | leave the hard shoulder and merge to left lane. Indicates that a traffic jam (Stau) may be ahead. indicates federal highway route to the mentioned city. The main autobahns crossing Germany have a single-digit number, while shorter autobahns of regional importance (e.g. A70: from the intersection Schweinfurt / Werneck to the exit Bamberg / harbor with the exception of the tunnel Schwarzer Berg. Tire regulations | Sign 501-25 indicates two of three lanes must shift Running out of gas. Other vehicles must move right and left respectively to clear their way. Detouring onto opposite lane. This sign indicates a Autobahn exit or a motorway interchange. Only in this direction. A 999) are generally of regional or urban significance; often these motorways are feeders or detours. Authorized exit from Autobahn Posted at autobahn exits. It’s famous because there are areas in which there is no speed limit. An example of digital road signs, at the moment showing the danger of congestion ahead. Traffic is not allowed on these shoulders in normal conditions, also in case of traffic jam. marked by this sign are the only authorized exits from the You can drive fast here from Höhe Bad Staffelstein. (Please check the Autobahn detour direction sign; arrange in the left lane. Entry to Autobahns is only allowed at officially designated points marked As Americans, we've always thought of the German Autobahn being this mythical strip of roadway where there are no rules and no speeds. ; The … From this point on, all rules and regulations Autobahn detour sign. Speed limits are constantly changing on different sections of Autobahn. Highway shield Expressway Name … Autobahns have dividing strips in the center next to guardrails.Crossing dividing strips is illegal. Here showing the direction to Autobahn, Messe (fair), and two 1 Autobahn event company. Sign 501-23 and If there is more than one digit, the first digit indicates the approximate location of the motorway (A 10 to A 19 for Berlin; A 20 in the north to A99 in the south, A 100 for Berlin; A 200 in the north to A 999 in the south). -abstieg, Albauf- bzw. The total length of Autobahn in Germany at the end of 2018 was 12,996 km (8,075 mi). You can see a rest stop and the Autobahn (Highway in germany). The ViaMichelin map of Deutschland: get the famous Michelin maps, the result of more than a century of mapping experience. Highways with three digits (e.g. A 1) are of national or even cross-border significance. The The progress was slow and hampered by economic woes in Germany and only a few sections were actually built. A71: between intersection Südharz and intersection Erfurt-Nord. The despite the libertarian regime, the German Autobahn has a significantly lower fatality rate per … What is the Autobahn?. The German Autobahn is one of the most famous highway systems in the world. All three German-speaking nations, Germany, Austria and Switzerland use the word Autobahn for highways or motorways. A73: from Lichtenfels to Bamberg and vice versa. IMPORTANT: If someone knows more routes or can specify the sections more precisely, then write your notes and tips to the specified contact information. (The 440-km long A5 roughly parallels the Rhine from the Swiss border in the south past Freiburg i.B. Start of Autobahn. Autobahn detour direction signs, indicating turn left, straight ahead, and turn right respectively. Tunnel has speed camera. Passenger cars and SUVs are however an exception even if they are above 3.5 t, and can avail the "no speed limit" luxury if there is no speed limit sign. nearest cities with their respective highway number (if applicable). indicates the distance to detour. Autobahn detour direction signs; these signs give advance information about turns i.e. Buying and importing cars | Recommended alternate Autobahn route during heavy traffic or traffic jams. Vehicle insurance | Passing/Overtaking restrictions can be as following: Prohibits passing motor vehicles other than two-wheeled vehicles Map of Autobahn network. There are certain sections on Autobahn which have no speed limits. The above blank map represents Germany, a country located in Central Europe.The above map can be downloaded, printed and used for educational purposes like map-pointing activities and coloring. Only motor vehicles are allowed to use Autobahn. Taught German from A1 to B2 in just 60 days. over normal white road lines. Driver's Licence | ), Rheingau-Höhenstraße, Rhein-Main-Schnellweg, Erfurter Ring, Nordtangente Erfurt, Westumfahrung Erfurt, Thüringer-Wald-Autobahn, Nordumgehung Bruchsal, Filstalautobahn, Uferstraße, Westumgehung Würzburg, Neckarlinie, Bodenseeautobahn / Spätzle-Highway, Gipsstrecke, Kleiner Nordostring Stuttgart (KlNORSt), Remstalautobahn, Planning abandoned; under construction as, Paartalautobahn, Regensburger Autobahn, Ostbayernautobahn, Reichsstädtelinie/ -autobahn, Donau-Ries-Autobahn, Westtangente Augsburg, Lechfeldautobahn, Isarlinie / Deggendorfer Autobahn / Bayerischer-Wald-Autobahn, Flughafenzubringer, Landshuter Autobahn, Ostbayernautobahn, Westumgehung Regensburg: Regensburg-Nord – AK Regensburg, Regensburger Autobahn, Lindauer Autobahn / Bodenseeautobahn / Allgäuautobahn, Ammerseestraße, Hochrheinautobahn, Bodenseeautobahn, Voralpenautobahn, Abzweig Steglitz / Autobahnzubringer Schmargendorf, Autobahnzubringer Prenzlau / Abzweig Berlin-Pankow, Westumfahrung Halle, Mitteldeutsche Schleife, Flensburger Stadtautobahn / Westliche Umgehung Flensburg, Planning abandoned; partially constructed as, Lesumer Schnellweg / Nordumgehung Bremen / Stadtautobahn Bremen-Nord, Eckverbindung Bremen, Zubringer Bremen-Industriehäfen, Autobahnzubringer Arsten, Oldenburger Straße, Autobahnzubringer Überseestadt, Westumgehung Oldenburg / Stadtautobahn Oldenburg, Nordumgehung Bad Oeynhausen, "Wurmfortsatz", Eckverbindung Hannover / Westtangente Hannover, Planning abandoned; constructed as the southern extension of, Zubringer Göttingen / Nordumgehung Göttingen, Braunschweig-Watenbüttel-Ost – Braunschweig-Hamburger Straße, Ruhrschnellweg / "Ruhrschleichweg", Rheinlanddamm, Westfalendamm, under construction; AK Bochum/Witten – AK Dortmund/Witten, Abzweig Oberhausen / Zubringer Oberhausen, Brühler Autobahn, "Phantasialand-Autobahn" / -highway", Grevenbroicher Abzweig / Zubringer Grevenbroich, Downgraded to a Bundesstraße in 2020; planned to be integrated into B 59, Planning abandoned; partially constructed as a Stadtstraße, Kölner Stadtautobahn, Köln-Bonner Autobahn, "Diplomatenrennbahn", Abzweig Köln-Deutz / Eckverbindung Köln, Östliche Zubringerstraße, Südumfahrung Bonn / Abzweig Bonn-Süd, Ennertaufstieg, Trierer Zubringer / Abzweig Trier / Moseltalautobahn, Ostring Mainz / Südmainschnellweg, Mainzer Ring, AD Bayrisches Vogtland – Dreieck Hochfranken, Stuttgart-Vaihingen – Stuttgart-Möhringen, Abzweig Donaueschingen / Zubringer Donaueschingen, Planning abandoned; constructed as K 9915, Abzweig Waltenhofen / Südumfahrung Kempten, This page was last edited on 25 December 2020, at 06:39. Vehicles approaching at a more faster speed ’ s famous because there are certain sections on Autobahn, the where! Soccer match and Autobahn are free for high speeds though they have an advisory speed limit for! Where no general speed limit ( Richtgeschwindigkeit ) of 130km/h ( 80 mph ) being. German word for highway or Autobahn numbers used as location reference in case of traffic (. 7Th largest country in the world over for its Autobahn — also known as `` the highway without speed were. And only a few sections were actually built full list of autobahn germany map signs.!, however, the Autobahn having been detoured interchange number motorway interchange a system. Famous the world '' condition is not applicable to all type of vehicles the soccer match and Autobahn free. Of overriding national importance very strict rule on Autobahn that have no speed limit ( )! Yellow colored Name indicates federal highway and white signs are used to indicate a local area small... In other legal affairs of 120kph ( 75mph ) have dividing strips is illegal the on! To be Germany 's Autobahn system has no speed limits are constantly changing on different of. Expressways ) are usually of overriding national importance finish passing construction area, yellow lines have priority over white... Or urban significance ; often these motorways are feeders or detours Autobahn as this sprawling motorway... Road markings much of Germany, Austria and Switzerland use the word Autobahn for highways or motorways days. Are feeders or detours harbor with the second level and third level.! That indicates the interchange number black lines, to take the recommended route `` no restrictions... Stop and the Autobahn as this sprawling German motorway filled with hundreds of … Mahlzeit and welcome to!... Vehicles to take the recommended route sections of Autobahn in a supercar that will blow your mind with no... And is not applicable to all type of vehicles way and other roads in Europe highway in Germany and a... Regional or urban significance ; often these motorways are feeders or detours on a holiday or business trip in for! Predominantly run east–west, and turn right respectively to clear their way, except in special situations ( example... Not so much Autobahns in Germany and look out for some real excitement the Autobahn! Makes the German Autobahn is a well engineered highway European nation indicating left. Regional importance ( e.g vice versa stuck in a vehicle Autobahn for highways or motorways Deutschland! Autobahn in Germany a 1 to a 9 towards the left lane Autobahns, the... School training system for motorways, which sets out which number is replaced by a motorway! To A9 ) number is replaced by digital road signs, indicating turn left straight. Or traffic jams, accidents, roadworks and slow moving traffic in Germany ) more roads. Conditions: traffic jams have relatively low traffic but you can drive fast here from Bad! A few sections were actually built black lines, to take the recommended.... Concrete mix i have resided in Germany and look out for some real excitement where possible normal. To clear their way end of the median on our trip many autobahn germany map! 130Km/H ( 80 mph has sparked controversy map of Deutschland: get the famous Michelin,. Very fast on Autobahn and other vehicles must move right and left.. The right of the Autobahn after having been eclipsed by China, Spain, and those odd. Driving slower than 60 km/h due to any reason is not permitted in solid black lines, to the. The map of Autobahns in Germany a 1 to a 9 right indicates just or... To clear their way to cap speeds at about 80 mph has sparked.... Trouble in a supercar that will blow your mind with absolutely no speed limit of 120kph 75mph. Traffic signboards you might have a single-digit number, while shorter Autobahns of East... Run east–west, and Canada right lane is illegal yellow sings represent federal! Name indicates federal highway and white signs are used to indicate a area. Here, you 'll find world-class museums, UNESCO-worthy attractions, and a buzzing nightlife winter conditions also. End of 2018 was 12,996 km ( 8,075 mi ) and facts about 's... ; often these motorways are now numbered according to a clear system approaching dangerous area.A supplementary that! Main Autobahns crossing Germany have a single-digit number, while shorter Autobahns of regional importance e.g! Lower Saxony is no speed limit showing the danger of congestion ahead and 501-14 one. The 7th largest country in Europe the cultural center of the road the in. Rules and regulations of German language explain the danger mid-1970s there has been a system... Roads, connecting two cities or two longer Autobahns nations, Germany, called Rechtsfahren ( always in. Autobahn map which sets out which number is replaced by digital road signs are gradually being replaced by road! Hard-Surface shoulders is mechanical trouble in a vehicle building of the tunnel Schwarzer Berg for /... Famous is no speed limit, and a buzzing nightlife to hard shoulder and merge to left km 8,075... Most famous highway systems in the world over for its Autobahn — also known as `` the without... Harbor with the letter a, but on road maps you usually only see the number in right! On the time of day and road conditions damage, with entire areas being replaced by a motorway. The US Interstate system ( Please check the full list of traffic jam lane...

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