10 innovations for the car that you will not be able to do without!

Each year brings its share of innovations for the car. From air freshener to hi-tech tailgates, here are 10 of the best new car features found on the Canadian auto market.

New generation of air fresheners

Have you already gone on a road trip to find yourself in one of these small municipalities that emit an odor to say the least … intense? No matter what you do – open the fan at full power, mount the windows, open packages of air fresheners – nothing can get this strange aroma. Buick’s Enclave solved the problem. Motorists will be able to breathe better thanks to the new ionizer that fights odors both indoors and outdoors. It’s more than a simple eliminator of deadly scents; it reduces the amount of dust in suspension, pollen, bacteria and even viruses.

The tailgate of a car is without a doubt one of the most worn (and abused!) Parts of a truck. GMC took the bull by the horns and equipped its new Sierra with the multiport hatchback that offers six new features in one. It can be lowered easily for quick access without effort; there is a step, which helps to climb on the box; a lift-up rim to keep items a little too awesome; a central section allows easy access to the body and an interior tailgate stop prevents stored items from slipping out of the box. In addition, the interior tailgate can be used as a workspace.

Technology for teens driving

This new feature of GMC allows parents to monitor and regulate the driving habits of their teens. By programming the ignition key, this technology limits certain features of the vehicle and prevents the deactivation of safe features to promote safe driving. You could, for example, program the key so that the audio system only works when the seat belt is buckled, or make certain features “mandatory” such as rear view monitors or traction controller. It is also possible to set the speed limit, which can be very useful if your young driver has a heavy foot.

Built-in WiFi

Canada’s smart phone data plans are among the most expensive on the planet, but that does not stop us from burning our bandwidth to stream music, watch a movie, or use our GPS. That’s why integrated WiFi is becoming more popular. With this option, you can easily connect many devices to the vehicle’s WiFi at once without having to worry about spending all the bandwidth offered by indoor car cover.

Reminder for the rear bench

Every summer, the media remind us of what happens when you forget a child sitting in the backseat of a car. It is for this reason, and only for this reason, that GMC has designed its rear bench reminder, which warns you when the rear doors of the vehicle are open during or before a ride.

Mobile Apps

Turning on your vehicle without requiring a key is becoming more and more common. The problem with the keychain that comes with this technology is that it’s getting more and more cumbersome. That’s why applications are so useful! They now allow you to turn the car on remotely, lock it or unlock it wherever you are, smart phone in hands. With the dongle, your range was usually only 200 feet. Think about it: in the middle of winter, you’ll be able to make sure your vehicle gets warmer when you enter it. The opposite is true for hot, sunny summer days, wherever you are!

Automated start / stop

Mileage obtained with a full tank of gas is something to consider when buying a vehicle. Does it consume too much? This is particularly true for city dwellers whose vehicles are constantly stopped by traffic lights, stop signs or heavy traffic. A new feature helps to work around the problem; your engine will stop automatically when the car stops moving, and starts again as soon as you remove your foot from the brake. Formerly reserved for hybrid cars, this new technology is now available for all types of vehicles.

Automated High Intensity Headlights

Is there anything more unpleasant than being inundated with the overpowering headlamps of a car that you meet in the evening on the highway? The only way out of here was to squint and flash his own lights hoping the message would be received quickly. What would you say if the vehicle lowered the power of its headlights automatically when it crossed another vehicle in the opposite direction? Or when traveling on a well-lit road? This is exactly what the new automated headlights offer. What a good idea, it was high time!

Heated steering wheel

Canadian drivers do not need to read further, they will understand the great utility of a warming hand wheel (as can be seen here on the GMC Canyon Denali model). No more freezing hands – and all other parts of the body in the open – to get from point A to point B. This feature is optional on basic models, but more and more systematically available in more luxurious models.

Cooler seats

This is why seats with cooling systems (multi-level) will quickly become essential for the most comfortable driving, whether the sun is on or off. Summer is so short; you have to know how to enjoy it after all!

Wax on the bumper

While waiting for the day when we will design easily removable waxes for cars, there is always the good old WD-40 oil. Spray it on the wax and clean it with a rag or an old toothbrush. The WD-40 is also effective in removing wax embedded in the slots.

The battery is flat

You came across a charitable soul to give you a boost, but nothing helps, the car does not restart. All is not lost. The good news is that a battery is never completely flat.  Check for corrosion around the battery terminals (contact point of the cables). If this is the case, pour soda on the corrosion to dissolve it. This will allow better contact between the cables and the battery terminals; therefore, the motor is more likely to restart. In addition, soft drinks contain electrolytes that promote electrical current.

Stubborn resin stains

The water and the soap will not come to the end of the resin glued on the external finish of your car. But there is a simple solution. Pour a touch of rubbing alcohol on the resin, rub with the tips of your fingers and the spots will disappear. You do not need to rinse either, as the alcohol will evaporate.

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